(Ages 6-8) Introduction to guitar/music workshop is scheduled on a "by demand" basis. General music geared toward guitar is taught. Students learn basic guitar, hand drums, singing, and musical creativity. This workshop may be taken more than once in order to prepare the student for the next level, which is Lil Jammers class. 

Intro Workshop-

Students will create sounds using an Alesis Micron synthesizer and other instruments as well. They will also learn about the art of these sounds as applied to music and movies.

Students ages 9-16 will learn creative techniques for lyric writing. Guitar and keyboard will be used to demonstrate how lyrics are placed in music.

Students ages 12-Adult will learn very easy ukulele chords and rhythms so that they can learn easy songs.

Like a drum circle, students ages 8-11 take turns playing different hand percussion instruments. They learn basic technique, rhythm reading, and how to play as a group.

Students ages 9-14 learn vocal technique, vocalizing scales, stage presence, how to use a microphone, and more. They will gain confidence while singing their favorite songs.

Sound effects in Music-

Creative Songwriting-

Easy Ukelele-

Fun with Percussion-

Pop star-

Our workshops are short term (1-3 months) classes that are scheduled on a "by demand" basis. Prices are $100.00 per month per student. Dates will be announced throughout the year.


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Guitar and Singing Classes with Tina Wing