Our policy is a set of guidelines for understanding operational procedure for music lessons. Once your lessons are scheduled, it will meet once per week at the same time each week. Location is at Central Arts and Humanities, Suite 301, 809 Kirby street, Lake Charles, La. All fees are due at the first week of each month whether the student shows up or not. Your fee reserves your time spot in the schedule. The cost of classes is $85.00 per month. Private lessons are $100.00 per month. Workshop pricing may vary. Add $5.00 late fee after the 15th of the month. Your time spot, if unpaid by the 20th can be sold to someone on the waiting list unless you make arrangements for payment. If you plan to quit, please notify two weeks prior by email at songbirdish@aol.com  Payments are a flat rate and only to be adjusted by the instructor. If you'd like to mail your payment, it can be mailed to: Tina Wing, 500 Invader street, Sulphur, La. 70663. Classes and lessons continue through the Summer. "Sit-ins" in other classes are allowed for students that have to miss for a vacation. Makeup lessons are ONLY required when the instructor misses. If you have to miss a lesson, "sit-ins" are allowed when available. No refunds. $25.00 charge on NSF checks. All guitar students must have an adequate instrument that is already strung before your lesson. The instructor does not do string replacement or repair. It must be taken to a local music store that offers repairs. Materials... All students must have a binder with plastic protector sheets or a folder to hold their music. This must be brought to each of your lessons.

We have an end of the year party, performance, and awards night that all students, friends, and family are invited to attend free of charge.


Guitar and Singing Classes with Tina Wing

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