Guitar and Singing Classes with Tina Wing

Joe Ecker- Assistant Instructor and Bass guitar Instructor. (337)-292-6786

Teaching Style

Ms. Tina creates a kid-friendly, low pressure environment for her students while also providing the knowledge and tools needed for students to reach their musical goals.

Tina Wing

       Tina Wing currently teaches at Central Arts and Humanities, Suite 301 and for MSU Leisure Learning program. Tina has been teaching guitar since 1986. She studied Music Education at McNeese State University from 1987- 1996, concentrating in Classical vocal styles and Jazz and Commercial guitar. Over the years, she has had many successful students.

       Teaching methods come from the following reference books: Chord To Chord by Eric Sylvester, Rhythm Guitar in 10 easy lessons by Gary Turner, and Rock Lead Basics by Nick Nolan and Danny Gill. Tina also composes many of the exercises as well.

       The students learn in a fun and friendly environment and at their own pace. Students that demonstrate proficiency are moved into higher placement so they can further their musical experience.


Some of our success stories:

Stephan Darnutzer- Took lessons from Tina since he was 13 years old and currently performs locally and teaches as well.

Kenny Tarver- Took lessons from Tina for 8 years and has performed in several local bands and has taught guitar as well. Some of the bands he performed with are: Breanna Fye Band and Kris Harper Band.

Kris Harper- Took lessons from Tina when he was 8 years old and currently performs in Louisiana and Texas on a regular basis. He is also a songwriter with cds available. His website is

Breanna Fye- Enrolled in our student Jam Band at age 13. She is a songwriter with cds available. She currently lives and performs in Austin, Texas. Her music can be heard at

Patrick Cole- Took lessons from Tina at a young age, entering the international Jimi Hendrix competition of 1996. He won the first round and was the youngest contestant there. He had the opportunity to perform in Austin, Texas and to meet the family of the late Jimi Hendrix.

Mike Beshears- Took lessons from Tina when he was a child and now performs in local bands.

Many more of our students are performing and recording music. If you were a student alumni and would like to be featured on this website, please contact Tina at:

Over 25 years experience!